Dedicated Servers

Custom Made Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for a “cheap” dedicated server we would not be the ideal candidate, we tailor servers mostly to very large (and small) businesses such as global VPN providers. We can provide aggressive pricing on servers & bandwidth from 100TB to 10Gbps Unmetered in all of our primary locations (London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Ashburn & New York).

We cater to medium and large scale operations requiring the following services:

  • 1-10 Gbps Unmetered Traffic Per Server
  • Large range of IPv4 addresses (Direct IPv4 and IPv6 from us)
  • Heavy computing tasks utilising EPYC CPUs

In the following locations:

  • London (UK)
  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • Ashburn, VA (USA)
  • New York, NY (USA)
  • Los Angeles, CA (USA)

As all requests are unique and varying we can suggest various builds or you can let us know what you’re looking for and we can get it for you. Please contact us for further details.